Tuesday, 3 July 2007

TSCF Conference

For the past week, I was at the TSCF national conference, at El Rancho, Waikane. The theme this year was eternity. The teaching was outstanding and was done by Andrew Lim, a pastor from Pamiston North, and Dave Wells, form the Bible College of New Zealand. Andrew Spoke from 1 Thessalonians. He challenged us to live in accordance to how God has called us to live many areas of our lives. One of these was not to put on a mask, but to let people see the real me. It’s easy to pretend that I am a “perfect Christian” when in fact this is not the case and it is impossible. He also challenged us to live boldly for Christ, to live a pure life and to treat my work and studies as part of my worship to God.
Dave likewise challenged us to live an undivided life. It is far to essay to separate our life’s form the story of the gospel. Dave’s challenge to relate the gospel message to our world and to individual’s lives was great. We need to think thought how the story of the gospel relates to the people around us, to both work and uni satiations, to the content of the subjects we study and to society in general. I guess I've always known and bean worried by the fact that Christians tended to live in our own Christian bubble to some degree. Often we listen to “christen music”, read Christian books and hang out with christen. While these are not bad things in themselves, we do have a tendency to alienate ourselves from the rest of the world and then wonder why we have issues reaching them. To overcome this, we need to, as Dave said, understand the story of the gospel, the story of the world and the story of the individuals we know. I realised that this is something which I myself will need to do if any change is going o happen. Furthermore, Dave reminded us that we need to have love for the people around us and not treat them as project but as individuals people made and love by God.
The “interactive experience” was also a high light for the conference. This was a number of actives which we did such as a card game where we could not talk, a hospital simulation, where we had to decide who lived and who died, a confidence courses, where some of us were blindfolded and a quiz. As great as talks are, I found it really helpfully to learn lesson is different ways. All the actives were helpful and it was really interesting to see how different people reacted in the different situations, especially the lunch! Some of us got to sit at the table and have a good feed, while the rest of us had to sit on the floor and got very little. While many of the lesson I guess I knew before, it often take a practical situation, such as we were faced with to derive, them home.
TSCF conferences are great times for learning, speeding time with God and for fellowship. It was awesome to see people I haven’t seen in a while and to meet new people. But the best thing of all was that God was at work.

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