Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Old and retired

On Thursday CU had its AGM, and thus has a new committee. The new committee is:
Kirsten Meyer - President
Peter Jackson - Vice-President
Andrew Walbran - Secretary
Melanie Mylvaganam - Treasurer
Peta-Maria Harris - General Exec
For me, it’s the end of Two years of serving God in CU committee. As I reflect on that time, it has become clear just how faithful God has been to us. There were time when everything seemed to go wrong, but God used the time for good: to help us refocus on mission. Often, we don’t see how God is work, when we are there: It’s only when we look back that we see how God is at work.
I know that God has big plans for CU. My prayer is that the new committee will seek God will for the group. I also pray that God will continue to guide us Oldies who are retiring: that we make continue to reach those around us and that we will grow to know God more.


FreeThinker said...

Just wondering ... have you ever had doubts of "God's" existence?

Nathan Bayliss said...

Hello Freethinker,
Yes, I have.