Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How Kiwi is the chruch in New Zealand?

I was thinking about this last night. The church in New Zealand seems to rely a lot on resources from overseas, in particular America and Britain. Examples of this would be the Christian books that we read- the Kiwi Bible is the only example which I can think of which came for New Zealand, the music we listen to, although we do better here, the teachers we listen to- someone seems to have a lot more authority if they are from overseas, and the programs we run, such as alpha, Christianity explored etc.

Now don't get me wrong, New Zealand s a relatively small country with only four million people, so it's inevitable that we will have a lot of influence from other counties, and these people have many gifts and experiences which can help us in New Zealand. I for one am very thankful for the number of excellent TSCF stuff workers form outside New Zealand But my worry is that we often just apply oversea resources, without thinking about how the context in America or the United Kingdom is different to that in New Zealand. Furthermore, it means that the many people whom God had gifted in New Zealand don't get a chance to to use them.

If the Church in New Zealand is going to reach the people of this nation for Christ, we need to be serious about connecting with our own culture. This means we need to take the time to understand kiwi culture as it is today, and to develop the girts which New Zealand Christian have, not just rely on overseas ideas. I would be good to See a New Zealand equivalent to Alpha, which address the questions New Zelanders have, and to see some good Christian books written form a New Zealand prospective and to help New Zealand Christian understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus in New Zealand.


Sorawit SONGSATAYA - (Pom) said...

What are some gifts which Kiwi christians have?
I am interested and wondering.

Nathan Bayliss said...

The Bible says that each christian has gives form God to help build up the chruch (See 1 corth. 12).The point I was making ws not that kiwis have any specail gifts themselfs, but that we need to use the one we have. We do however, have a beter understanding of our cuture, be apart of it and so are beter able to reach kiwis.

Nathanael Baker said...

Church over a bbq I say! Church at the beach, church over a picnic in Otari Bush, church on a boat in the sounds. I think New Zealand christianity is very organic and it needs to recognise that more. In wellington I think we are also quite creative arty out of the box people, it would be great to see this expressed further. Also in wellington I would like to see more christians expressing thier creativity through buisinesses, cafes, pubs etc, etc. We need to explore our personalities, what makes us buzz, what fuels our fires and excites us. There is so much there, so much material to create a unique expression of christian community in Wellington and New Zealand.

Nathanael Baker said...

On the obnoxious side of this, is destiny church an example of a "indigenous expression of church"?