Thursday, 10 January 2008

A tribute to Kylie

Kylie Palamo, a workmate of mine, sadly passes away on Saturday, after a battle with cancer, aged 30. Today I attended her funeral. "Smiley" Kylie was a fantastic workmate, with a laugh and smile which will be remembered by everyone who met her. Her kindness made her popular with everyone. Visits to the music bar were always a moment to remember when Kylie was there. Kylie's Faith and many friends and family helped her get thought the last mouths of her life. We will all miss her heaps.
God bless you Kylie, and rest in peace,

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qwandor said...

Death is always a sad event that affects many people's lives. I cannot pretend to know exactly how you are feeling now, although I know something of what it can be like. I assume from your post that Kylie was a Christian, and that is certainly an encouragement. I will be praying for you and those others affected by her death.