Wednesday, 27 February 2008

the M and M weeding

Things I learned over the 5 days I was in Parmy for Michael and Melissa weeding.
-Weddings are very auspicious occasions.
- If your grooving to music in a car, and you to at traffic lights, you might get spotted and luaghed at.
- Tanks are awesome.
- When asked questions by a radio station, "Jesus" can work as an answer.
- Everyone in Parmy has a dog.
- Macdonald’s is a great place for grooms to hang out before weddings.
- Ash likes play ultimate frizbe, huarb gardening, jelly westing and country music.
- Jasmine like poking her friends on Facebook, huarb gardening, kite surfing, wide pig hunting and playing doctors and Norse’s.
- I have a illustrious male modelling career.
- manual cars really are a lot harder to drive than automatics.
- Michael likes whispering sweet nothings into Melissa ear.
- Auspicious is a cool word.
- Weeding photos are a lot of fun.
- Karen Lau is an great peoet.
- Fi can’t remember that much about 1st year cell group, bar that Al had the wrong number of toes.
- Kate and Chris monkey love the IRD.
- Smoking can be dangerous for your health.
and finally and most important..
marriage is like a wombat.