Thursday, 20 March 2008

Follow your dreams?

It seems to be popular theology in the church at the moment that Christians should "follow their dreams," as they are from God. The thinking seems to be that our dreams must be from God, and therefore it is our duty to follow them. But its this relay what the Bible teachers us?

It wasn’t Moses’s "dream" as such to free the Israelites from Egypt- he argued with God for quite some time, claiming not to be the right person for the job. David had a dream to build a temple to God, a dream which was not his, but Solomon’s to fulfill. And it was the "dream" of most, if not all of Jesus’ disciples for much of Jesus’ ministry that Jesus would lead a rebellion against Rome and restore a Jewish kingdom. However, God's plain was to establish a kingdom which was not of this world.

Now, Im not saying that all our dreams a bad. God does sometimes give us a desires or dream to do something. But it does not always follow that all our dreams are necessarily from God. We need to discern, though a lot of prayer, by talking it through with Christian friends and weighting the "dream" against was we read in the Bible whether, or not they are from God. Sometimes it will be that God is calling us to something new, other times he may not be.

So where does this idea which, if not blatantly preached is subtlety practiced by many Christians, came for? I think part of this is a symptom of the church making our hearts king in our Christian faith. We say that to became a Christian you must "give your heart to Jesus." Many of the songs we sing on Sundays talk about us "giving our hearts to God." Christianity is described by many Christians as being "a relationship with God"- a heart thing.

But Jesus Said clearly that the greatest commandment is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." (Mark 12:30) Many Christians today stop at heart. But heart is not followed by a full stop but an and. This is not an ether or. Its an all of the above.

The sad thing is that it seems to me that a lot of Christians are not just trying love God with only their heart, they have somehow gotten this idea that "the heart is good, the mind is bad." That is to say, they seem to believe that the mind can be corrupted by the devil, but the heart can’t. I have even herd a speaker at Parachute say one year something along the lines of "the devil can’t get into your heart. That’s why Jesus want to get into it."

Maybe I haven't read my Bible well enough, but I don’t recall the part where Jesus and the devil decide to play hide and seek. I do however, recall a number of places in the Psalm where the Psalmist ask God to purify there heart (one example being Psalm 51:10.) If we need God to purify our heats, than they must be corruptible.

We must get back to loving God with all our hearts AND all our soul AND with all our mind AND with all our strength. The Bible also says that if someone is guilty of braking one part of the law, they a guilty of breaking the whole law. Therefore, one can not love God with all there heart if they are not also loving his with all there soul, mind and strength also.

God will give us the desires of our hearts, when there desire came form him. We must remember however, that not all our hearts desire are form God. We still live in a war zone, and there is still someone out to temp us away for God. And this someone has access to our hearts, and well as our minds, our soul and our strength.

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