Thursday, 22 May 2008

Graduations are also very auspicious occasions.

I have now graduated!!!!!!!!! I now have the piece of paper to prove that I have a degree. And it’s meant to last 500 years, due to the fact that it is make out of goat skin. If it doesn’t last 500 years, I might have to sue Vic.
So what does it mean?
1) I really do need to find another job.
2) I now have letters after my name!!!!!! Yep, I am now official Mr Nathan Thomas Bayliss, B.A. Although I don’t think I’ll ever use it, as that would be showing off.....

Some highlights of graduation include
- Walking down the middle of the road in funny clothes. Lambton Quay to be precise. Along the same rote as the Lord of the Rings stars went before the world premiere of Return of the King!!! And I was right near the front. I also got to hang out with Anna form 1st year cell group back when I started uni.........
- Listening to the mayor say staff. Can’t remember what, but hey.
- Going to watch Evan walk across the stage and get some paper. I also got to see five or six people I know at that ceremony too.
- The person who was meant to be next to me didn’t turning up. That meant I had to be “row leader.” All that meant was that I sat at the end of the row, and had to follow the direction of the usher, rather than the person next to me.
- Putting a hat on. “By the authority of Victoria University of Wellington, I, Tim Beaglehole, Chancellor, grant on the persons whose names are entered on the roll of graduates the degrees, diplomas and certificates there appearing, and are hereby admitted to these degrees, and awarded these diplomas and certificates in this university.”
- Walking across the stage. And getting a song. And shaking hands with the pro chancellor.
- Getting a degree!!!! Yay, three years of work!!!!
- Singing Gaudeamus!!!! Hehehe, I’m so glad I learned it at Rongotai. But it didn’t help when they didn't change the slide to the second verse till it was almost over........

And my ceremony has made it to the national media, for three different reasons
-A M.A graduate decided to turn the draft of her thesis into clothing. She also wears shocking pink...
- The student speaker couldn’t make it, as she got stuck at Auckland Airport due to fog.
- Joel Cosgrave, VUWSA President decided to wear a t-shirt to promote Men’s sexual heath. Only it wasn’t really appropriate for a graduation ceremony.

So another auspicious occasion. But also, an infamous one!!!!! Getting into the media for three things counts as infamous to me. So that my new favourite word...... move over auspicious.........


yomcat said...

Graduation also gets the prize for being the most boring I have been to. Ever.

lisa said...

yeah I think graduations are over rated... personally i think they should be moved much closer to when someone actually finishes, and if you get a kick out of long lists of names, then you obviously have to be a fan of 'numbers' in the Bible