Thursday, 19 June 2008

Google Games!!!

Google games a fun, something to do while you are waiting for other pages to load.....
Here is one I like. You google “ yourfirstname looks like” and see what comes us. And you need quotation marks, or else it won’t work.
Here are some of the answers I got.

Nathan looks like a monkey!
Nathan looks like a random guy who forgets to shave
Nathan looks like a caveman
Nathan looks like the Big Buck Bunny
Nathan looks like Evan almightily with the beard
Nathan looks like a little angel.
Nathan looks like a homeless man
Nathan looks like Jesus

And here are some other people.......
Matthew looks like one of those football guys with a 3 month pregnant belly.
Sarah looks like Hermione Granger!
Michael looks like a drag queen in one of Paul’s porn videos
Melissa looks like she has something sneaky planned
Natalie looks like that truck driver from Pee Wee
Rachel looks like a fluffy pink cupcake
Kirsten looks like she just crawled out of her coffin, ready to feed, but the lights are hurting her eyes
Evan looks like someone who died
Dave looks like a pixie fairy
Stevie looks like a historic ruin.
Jamesy looks like a girl....
Karen looks like a modest Jewish milkmaid
Nathaniel looks like it is he who has been slapped about the face
Andrew looks like a drug dealer
Jasmine looks like a cross between Christina Ricci and an Oompa Loompa
Richard looks like the smooth talking bad boy who makes girls go weak
Ash looks like an aunty
Ben, looks like a grotesque gnome or troll and displays an equally ugly personality: he kills the family's dog and cats....
Jared looks like he has a lopsided Dora the Explorer haircut
Ruth looks like a young woman who can arouse an old man.

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