Thursday, 18 September 2008

Weird things about Auckland

Seem s like I am overdue for another blog post. I went to Auckland the other week. Here is a list of some of the weird things about Auckland form my observations.
- Some of the bus stops have napkins in them. What a way to decorate a bus stop!!!
- In Narnia, they have animals which talk. In Auckland, it’s the buses. “The next stop is Britomart...”
- One bank had a drive though. For the recorded, it was a National Bank.
- A shop on Queen Street had a Phoenix jersey.... IN THE WINDOW!!!!! I thought we went Auckland anymore!!! Or maybe they want to be Wellington.
- Queen Street is full of currency changers, New Zealand souvenir shops, jewellers, books shops and Aucklanders.
- One book shop had a Bible in the new age section.
- Manna had a self help section!!
- The trains a pulled by diesels. Wellington’s electrics are way better. Faster, and better for the environment. There were people dancing on the train as well.
- It’s built right on top of an active volcano fled. Although that’s not that weird, when you consider Wellington on a major felt like, Christchurch in just the right place to get smog and Parmy is built in a hole. Yep, our forbearers share knew a good place for a city when they sore one.
- There is a shopping mall in like, ever suburb. They go with the volcano’s I guess, there one of those in very suburb too.
- Going to places by boat. I had to use the ferry to get to parity much anywhere.
- They have “Wendy’s” which is a burger takeaway, and “Wendy’s” where you can buy Ice cream and drinks.
- Jasmine Taylor. She proves the impossible.... that there really is such a thing as a decent Aucklander. Some other people proved that too, now I think about it.....
- The Warehouse’s had signs saying “Auckland’s lowest price on DVD’s and CD’s”... in Wellington colours!!! See, they really do want to be Wellington!!!

I think there was probably some more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. I was a good week and a bit, but it was a relief to hear over the intercom on the plane. “Ladies and gentlemen, was are about to begin the decant into Wellington...’ He also said something about Gentlemen making share they wife’s are in the upright position and ladies to check that their shoes matched there outfit.

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