Thursday, 29 January 2009

Parachute 2009

Here is some highlights form Parachute 2009.

Best road trip moment: Hot pools and river swim at Taupo on the way back. We ended up stay Monday night at Tuapo. It was great.

Funniest road trip moment: Reliant K’s song (or two songs) about five Iron Frenzy.

Craziest late night antic: lots, but I’m going to give it to the time a group of about twenty people ran out to a stall and stated charring, then singing “ o lay o lay o lay...” They were soon joined by a number of our people, include Even and myself...

Best game I randomly joined in playing: The toss the can around game Saturday night. Who would have thought a can would be so much fun!!!

Best speaker: None of them were overly awesome that I went to, although to be far they were aimed at a lower level than what I would like. Chris Hill would be my pick of the ones I sore.

Best non music event: “backyard cricket” game between Kutless and family Force 5 versus some randomly selected punters. It was hilarious.

Best free giveaway: free Ice blocks to supportas!!! Yeah. Although since we give them money throughout the year, it’s not technically free.

Best mainstage ad: Life FM. Have you ever wondered about pirates? What’s up with those guys?

Best instrument played: David Crowder from David Crowder band played a guitar hero controller for one song. AWESOME!!!!!

Best chorus: Goes to Tome 39!!!!
I’m singing to annoy the neighbours
Head banging does my brain no favours
I’m sorry that I smell so bad
But I’m having fun
So please don’t be mad

Best one liner from a song: “hold on, wait a minute, put a little love in it. Love Addict,Family Force Five

Best instructions given by a band
: Casting crowns got us to tell our neighbours that “I love you, but you’re not cool. So that we don't think we are too cool to worship God.

Best up and coming act: No question: The Israelites. They were on debut stage Tommo 39, and they were awesome. And they were young as. The drummer looked like he was only about 8 or, and the others would have been no older than 14.

Best New Zealand Act: hard call: Rapture Ruckus, Mumsdollar, Late 80’s Mercedes were all awesome, and Dave Dobbyn was cool as well, especially the last three songs he did. I’m going to say Mumsdollar, but there’s not much in it.

Best Stage show
: Family Force 5. Great songs, great costumes, great stage presence and moves, awesome.

Most focus on God: Casting Crown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band that has so obvious bean more about God then there music. They even said the unthinkable at Parachute “music’s not going to change the world.” Very refreshing.

Best overall Act
: Again a hard call. David Crowder Band and Casting crowns were both awesome, and both really focused on God. Family Force 5 has some great song and one of the best stage shows have seen. But I’m going to give e the award to Kutless. Great music, awesome act, really focused on God. And they had two sets, and they were only about two songs which they played it both.

So next year? Well, it’s going to be Parachutes 20th Birthday, so they are planning a big one: they are expecting 30,000, so hopefully some big acts. No word one who they might be, although they said they were hoping to get a circus on site.
My picks: They will need to have ether third Day or Delirious? to headline Sunday night, maybe both? Probably one or two other really big bands: so Toby Mac and the Newsboys. I’m also going to say that they will have Family Force 5 back, Falling Up, Paul Colman, now he’s not with the Newsboys anymore. The Lads and Detour 180 will come back too.