Saturday, 28 February 2009

Auckland: After one week.

Well, I’ve now been in Auckland for a week.

Auckland and Wellington both have the same weather pattern: fine and sunny during the week and raining during the weekend. The difference is that in Wellington the rain comes with wind, in Auckland it comes with humidity.

"Summer school" was okay. I really only did it because I figured it was the best way to met people. And I was right. I’ve meat some really great people here and some really interesting ones too. One guy biked and skateboard around the world. In fact, is in the presses of applying to getting it recognised as a Guinness world record. Here his website. . Another guy was in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie. Although I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve only managed to collect one quote so far...... Have to work on that one.

I've done lots of exciting things as well. We went to an outdoor movie the other night, which were lots of fun. Also went to a drive out to Owera way and to a gig Friday night. There is a bowling alley just a couple of doors down, which we tried out one day after class. The Pac n Save across the road claims to be the largest supermarket in New Zealand, which is great.

So the first week at Laidlaw was great. Classes proper start this week. Looking forward it.


Anonymous said...

Where are you collecting quotes? You might want to try a new website I am working on, currently online at

Nathan Bayliss said...

I think is beter for the people invoved if they dont go up on the net.....