Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Names for our Islands?

There has been a bit of controversy in the last few days about the names of the North and South islands. Apparently they are not official. So they want to change them. This is fair enough, because they are boring.

But here the thing. They want to use the original Maori names. Which is also fair enough in once sense, since they were the first people to arrive. But here’s the thing. Almost all of our place names reflect New Zealand’s past. Which I’m all for celebrating and remembering. I did a degree in history.

But would it be cool to pick some names which celebrate New Zealand as it is today? Wouldn’t it be great to make a statement about who we are today?
Just a thought. Any ideas?

Bill and Ben Island?
Fush and Chups islands?
Middle Earth and Narnia Islands?
bret and jemaine Islands?
Union and League Islands?
Phoenix and Warriors Islands?
Black Singlet and Janell Islands?
Jaffa and Pineapple lump Islands?
Kiwi and Tui Islands?
L&p and Pavlova Islands?
Scrum and Line Out Islands
Footrat flats and Fred Dagg Islands
She'd be right and Yeah, right Islands!!!!! ( or maybe Good on ya, mate for the Island!!!)
Gumboots Island and swandri Island
Wild Pork and Watercress Islands
Hokey Pokey Ice cream and Chocolate Fish Islands!!
Sand fly and mozzie Islands!!
mcgillicuddy serious and the National Party Islands
Batting and Bowling Island
The slice of Heaven Above and We don't Know How Lucky we Are Islands
What Now and Country Calendar Islands
No.8 fencing wire and barbed wire Islands
Split Ends and Crowded House Islands (maybe we could even get away with Mumsdollar and the lads Islands ;))
Meads Island and Umanga Island
Rogernomics and Ruthanasia Islands
Hillary and Rutherford Islands
Or we could one Waikikamukau Island, so It will be a real place!!!


yomcat said...

Or we could stick with North and South...

Nathan Bayliss said...

We could, but that's boring.

Anonymous said...

too meke and mean maori mean islands!!

Anonymous said...

or we could be normal new zealanders and stick with north and south because we aren't selfish and wanting to leave our own mark on the islands