Wednesday, 9 September 2009

You know that your a Laidlaw theology student when....

40 signs that you study ( of used to study) theology at laidlaw College

1. You wake up at 4am with a sermon idea, and then lie in bed preaching to yourself for two hours.
2. Before your six kids go to sleep, you read them a bedtime meta-narrative.
3. You go to movies, and see the Christological themes, even if they are not there.
4. You are living with the kingdom is now, but not yet tension.
5. Tom Hank reminds you of Rod Thompson.
6. Turn your eyes upon Jesus reminds you if Rod Thompson
7. You used to have an open mind, now you’re a cyanic
8. You relate everything back to the big story
9. You have no secrets.
10. You put everything into context
11. You have a picture of Mark Strom on your wall
12. You have a picture of Angus on your wall
13. You spend most of your time writing essay, watching DVD’s or on Facebook.
14. You dislike Hillsong.
15. You recognise Angus’ butt.
16. Every word you use end in ism or ology
17. You speak Greek or Hebrew better than English
18. You came here to find a spouse. (Laidlaw: Love And Interment Dating Leads to A Wedding)
19. You wish Bill Osborne was your grandfather
20. You sleep three hours per night, and have dreams with biblical allegories’.
21. You got rid of your old clich├ęs, and now you have new ones.
22. Mark Keown is your favourite lecturer.
23. Your favorite book of the Bible is Song of Songs.
24. Your favorite TV channels are Aljazeera and C4
25. You call procrastination "enjoying creation."
26. You are look forward to creation being renewed.
27. You are constantly depressed, but you call it groaning with creation.
28. Your favorite preacher is someone who died many years ago.
29. Your greatest aspiration is to be a martyr.
30. You think that eschatology is the new black.
31. You learn how to start arguments about things nobody knows about.
32. You think incest is natural, as you can marry your brothers and sisters in Christ.
33. Changing the world is about justice, mercy and social transformation.
34. On Facebook, you are a member of the Mark Strom Appreciation Society, the Rod Thompson Appreciation Society, Keown's Fanclub, as well as the I Appreciate Christian Pick-Up Lines groups.
35. You have read Olson, Erickson and Grudem.
36. You read the Bible literarily.
37. You realise that many people have an over realised eschatology.
38. You see the underlining worldview assumptions in TV ad’s.
39. You know that you will find it all on moodle.
40. You are growing a faith which is both courageous and intelligent.

Thanks to those who helped me come up with these: especially Peter, Laura and Rebecca.