Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Top 30 Laidlaw Quotes of the Year

Thought out the year, I have been collecting quotes of funny or stupid thing which people have said. There has been a lot of demand for the list to be published. Here are the Top 30 quotes. Enjoy.

30. Emma: The Wellington Phoenix: Are they rugby or cricket?
29. Tom: To get a bus from here to town I had to walk to Hamilton
28. Steven: if you can kiss a live pig, you can kiss me.
27. Brie: Nathan is a crusty old man trapped in a young person’s body......
26. Rebecca: It’s hard to be a benefit in New Zealand, unless you go through WINZ.
25. Morgan: We will not prevail!!!!
24. Ben: I trust in the powers of Hollywood.
23. Laura King: He might be an excelian, of he might be an intelligent person.
22. Jess: Emma loves wetting her pants.
21. Ben: The whole crowed both go wild!!
20. Brie: You should have a joint.
19. Laura: Could you live in Auckland? Nathan: I do live in Auckland.......
18. Lara: I don’t believe in time.
17. Elizabeth: I’ll go on a witch hunt. It’s what Christians do.
16. Sarah: It’s fundraising for Hebron Christian School. Aaron: What’s that, a cult?
15. Nathan: What’s up with you Hebron girls? You’re all so motherly.
14. Christine: I hate salvation.
13. Rob: This is Bible College: we don’t have sympathy.
12. Lara: Do you think that these cars looks like ostrich toe nails?
11. Peter: We don’t kiss the opposite sex at Laidlaw.
10. Sebastian: Three easy steps to destroy a church. Number One: Say that worship is more than just music....
9. Lara: Doctors and nurses and other people who don’t know anything.
8. Christine: I’m allowed to be pathetic, I’m a girl.
7. Christine: Welcome to Female!! We don’t do logic.
6. Nathan: (to Elizabeth) I’m probably more of a feminist than you.
5. Laura King: Nathan is like a Ken type where as Peter is like a Barbie that you’ve turned into a man.
4. Jody: There is nothing about lying in The Bible.
3. Sarah: But there are no people in my bed.
2. Angus: How do you get to Liquor Dick?
1: Elizabeth: Boys are better than girls.


Anonymous said...

So, these are going onto http://thequotebook.net/contexts/25, right? (-;

Anonymous said...

yeah exactly what I was gonna say, Andrew beat me to it :)