Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Things I am, or have been pondering lately.

-What is post modernity? or modernity for that matter? is it overrated? Underrated? Real?

-What does Luke 16:1-12 mean? and Luke 20: 27-39?

-Why does it stop raining when you buy an umbrella?

-How contextualised our understanding of the gospel is

-How I am probably more post modern than I want to admit.

-Why is it that the best “worship sets” all seem to have one really bad song in them?

-While I'm there, why do we sing crap songs in church as all? Doesn’t God deserve better? Or is he happy whatever we sing? (Him using the weak to shame the strong and all that.) Does it matter if we get frustrated with bad song in church? Does that make me a bad worshiper? A bad Christian? or are my frustrations my worship to God, if they are born out of a desire to see God bet the best we can give him?

-Can labour win the next election with Phil Goff as leader? Seems very unlikely at the moment.

-Why did God, if he is good and loving, order the killing of all the Canaanites? All of them. Ok, that one is for an essay......

-Why haven’t I blogged for a while?

-How the latest star trek film has postmodern, Christological and Platonic themes all in one movie.

-Why has the CD just stopped working?

-Will the Tomorrow when the War Began movie be anywhere near as good as the books?

-Why do bad things happen in groups?

-How hard it is to be authentic community in a highly individualistic world.

-what’s for dinner tonight?

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Anonymous said...

I never did finish reading the Tomorrow When the War Began series. I hope the movies rock!