Saturday, 11 June 2011

Top Ten Blog posts I would/could have done, since the last time I blogged....

My last blog post was on the 13th September. That’s about 266 days that I have been out of the so-called blogosphere. That’s 266 odd days ( If I can count) which you, as one of the approximately three people who read my blog have missed out on hearing my thoughts. Unless you count Facebook status updates. Or have seen me face to face in that time. I also have noticed that I seem to be doing a lot of these “I haven’t blogged for a while” posts. So I have to get more creative each time I do one. J ( In my defence ,this time, I have the excuse of not having a working computer of much of that time.) Anyway, just to make you feel better (or worse) about missing out, I decided to compile a list of the top ten blog post I would have done, had I been blogging during this time.

10. Disasters. Ok, let’s start with the serious ones. The Christchurch earthquake. The Japan Earthquake , tsunami and nuclear crisis. Pike river. Had I been blogging I would have said something about these. As humans, we are all affected by these sad events, and I think we will all look about on the last few months with sadness in the future. Whatever you think about the Royal Wedding (which I possible also would have blogged about) I think it did raise the spirits of many people.

9. Movies. As far as I can remember, I have been to three movies in this time: The Kings Speech, Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader, And Pirates of the Caribbean 4. There is a high possibility that, if I was in the habit of blogging, I would have blogged on at least one of these movies, most likely Narnia. For the record, I liked them all….

8. Vote for the Silver Fox Project!!! Some of my friends in a band called The Sliver Fox project entered and won a competition with Life Fm, along with $13000 of gear. Had I been blogging, I would have told you to vote for them on my blog, as well as on Facebook.

7. The Hurricanes and their worst season in ages. Ok, as this is still current, I think I will. But not too much, cos it makes me sad. Pathetic season. At the moment, I’m not a fan of Mark Hewitt. I was willing to be patient when I heard his rhetoric around his team and culture values, but his actions say the exact opposite. Whatever you think of Ma’a Nonu, when he’s in form, he’s dangerous. And Andrew Hore has another year or two in him yet. Bad calls in my books.

6. The Phoenix. Their season ended in this time, and they were below exceptions too. But its now too long ago, so I'm not totally share what I would have said. I might also have said something about the All Whites…..

5. Harold Camping and the Rapture. As a theology student, there’s no way I could resist blogging about this. Unless I was not blogging, as I wasn’t. But if I would, I would have pointed out some of the flows in his theology. However, Mark Keown did it on his blog, which saves me the trouble of saying it here. I would suggest reading his instead if you are interested.

4. Act, Don Brash and Rodney Hide. As an ex-politics student (well formally at least-I still try and keep up with what’s going on, especially with an election coming up….), I would have said something about Act during their leadership debarked, and why they are my least favorite party in Parliament. In fact, I did hear a good quote about them: “Act know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.” Sums them up pretty well I think…

3. Laidlaw College top quotes for 2010. Well, maybe not, as they are all on my computer which is not working, but if I had them, they would have gone up. I will however, give you a few I collected after my computer broke.
Laura: Talking to you is a waste of my natural responses.
Ash: I didn’t do anything dodggy. Christian: What do you mean?! Why not?
Jess: Everyone is a loser.

2. Intentional community. This year, at Laidlaw, we are exploring what it means to live intentionally together as a community. At some point (or points) I would have said something which conceivably could have passed as deep and meaningful about what I thought that this would be/ look like and possible how it was going. Unfortunately, you are going to have to settle for some reflections as to how it went at some point, if you are lucky…

1. Is that one, or won? At some point, it is highly likely I would have shared something which I would have considered funny or witty (unlike the lame pun I just used). Unfortunately, I cannot, retrospectively tell you what it would have been. However, What I can tell you is that it probably would have also contained as many spelling mistakes as this one probably does…

Typical. While in the middle of writing this, the internet decided that it’s not going to work….