Thursday, 14 July 2011

Harry Potter 7.2 Review

Firstly *** SPOILER ALERT ***

I went to a midnight screening of the last Harry Potter movie tonight. Overall, I though that it was a great climax to the series overall. It would be best to watch is as soon as possible after watch the first part.

But there were part, particularly towards the end, which I though were weak. The aftermath, I was left disappointed with that. There was not really any emotion, ether the joy or morning, both of which were there in the book. There seemed little emotional response to the fact the the greatest dark wizard of all time had just been defeated. And it really was not clear which peace of magic finished Vodermort off. In the book, its his rebounding avada kedavra, but it the movie, its almost as if losing the wand destroys him. I also would have like the event have have had more witnesses. While it looked like Ron, Hermione and Neville did, no one else did. I also didn't like that Harry never fixes his own wand before breaking the elder wand, and that Neville is never told to destroy the snake, but just happens to do so. It was very much focused on Harry, Ron and Hermione. Personally, I would have liked to have seen more of some of the other characters.

Overall however, it was great. It was fast passed and exiting, fulled with humor as well as sadness, and involved some great magical warfare.

Ok, that will do for tonight. I might edit or do a new one tomorrow. Night world.

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bayla said...

I am in complete agreement with what you said, but think it was a FABULOUS film, and definately the best of all the hp movies. They have finally perfected them in the last couple! I was also disappointed that it was Ginny not mcGonagall who went 'Noooo!' when Harry died, but it was funny how no-one else cared that he was dead, especially Neville. lol. I loved the awkward hug between Voldemort and Malfoy. And Snape. And Neville. It was pretty much a treat for the fans with stuff like McGonagall saying "I've always wanted to do that spell" that just made it brilliant. T'was BRILLIANT!