Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rugby world cup Car flags

If anyone has been out and about recently, they will have noticed that many people are sporting their national flags on their cars, vans , trucks etc for the rugby World Cup. I'm going to see if I can spy all twenty World cup nations flags before the cup is over. So far I have seen

1. New Zealand
2. Samoa
3. Tonga
4. Fiji
5. England
6. Scotland
7. Ireland
8. South Africa
9. Japan
10. USA
11. Romania
12. Argentina
13. France
14. Namibia
15. Wales
16. Italy
17. Australia
18. Canada
19. Russia

Georgia, you let me down!!! Sigh.......


emmad said...

But where can you buy them? Looking for a Russian car flag

Nathan Bayliss said...

I'm not 100% on that one, but I think that there are flag shops around. Try the rugby World Cup ship in town. They might be able to tell you.